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Clinicians’ Experience with Endosee® Direct Visualization System

Allows Physicians & Patients To Move Further Down The Diagnostic Algorithm

“Whether it’s seeing something or not seeing something, Endosee allows both physicians and patients to move further down the diagnostic algorithm or pathway. Patients are so appreciative that they can see and know exactly what’s going on instead of having to come back for a follow-up visit or wait for a laboratory result. By using it, you realize that you’re doing patients a service by getting to a diagnosis as soon as possible.”

“In addition to offering physicians immediate visualization to gather important diagnostic information, Endosee also allows us to perform an endometrial biopsy and hysteroscopy in the same visit.”

Dr. Ethan Goldstein is a paid consultant and speaker for CooperSurgical, Inc.

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Ethan Goldstein, MD

  • Ethan Goldstein, MD
  • Robotic & Minimally Invasive Surgery Program
  • Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital,
    Detroit, MI

The Standard of Care Has Changed

The standard of care has changed. Now the standard of care corroborates that a negative blind biopsy is not a stopping point. Clinicians can still begin with a blind biopsy, but unless it is malignant or complex atypical hyperplasia, the endometrial evaluation is not complete. One of the take-home messages is getting away from this over-reliance on blind biopsy as the first and last word in all these cases.”

Dr. Stephen R. Goldstein is a paid consultant and speaker for CooperSurgical, Inc.

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Picture of physician - Steven R. Goldstein

  • Steven R. Goldstein, MD
  • New York University School of Medicine
  • New York, NY

A More Thorough Evaluation, Faster Diagnosis

“I had a patient with persistent post-menopausal bleeding with a normal endometrial biopsy and transvaginal ultrasound, but I decided to also use Endosee because it is so easy to set up and poses such a low risk. Much to my surprise, I ended up finding one of the largest endometrial polyps I have ever seen. I would never have found this polyp had I not used Endosee since I probably would not have taken her to the OR or even done office hysteroscopy because I thought I wouldn’t find anything. But because Endosee is so quick and easy to use, I found significant pathology, treated the patient and her symptoms are completely resolved.”

Dr. Abigail T. Feathers is a paid consultant and speaker for CooperSurgical, Inc.

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Picture of physician - Abigail T. Feathers

  • Abigail T. Feathers, MD
  • Specialty Physicians of Garrett County
  • Oakland, MD

Clearer Visualization than Pelvic Sonogram

“Endosee allowed myself and the patient a direct assessment of the uterine cavity. We were both surprised to see the reoccurrence and extent of intrauterine pathology that I was not able to appreciate on pelvic sonogram. This patient is scheduled for a second Endosee after discontinuing the oral contraceptives to see if the polyps resolve. If not, she will be scheduled for a second, operative hysteroscopy.”

Dr. Steven Lindheim is a paid consultant and speaker for CooperSurgical, Inc.

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Picture of physician - Steven Lindheim

  • Steven Lindheim, MD, MMM
  • Wright State University
  • Boonshoft School of Medicine
    Dayton, OH