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Endosee® Advance: A Low-Cost Advancement for Reimbursed Procedures

Direct endometrial evaluation with Endosee® Advance can help you provide a better standard of care at a better price to patients. Because procedures can happen in any exam room, Endosee® Advance can help patients avoid unnecessary OR intervention.

cost savings

Avoiding OR intervention may save as much as $3,500 per patient1,2

Estimated calculation of savings in procedure charges of patients undergoing diagnostic office hysteroscopy who did not need to undergo OR hysteroscopy.

In a study of 130 patients at two outpatient clinics in academic university settings, 75 patients (57.7%) who underwent office hysteroscopy for abnormal bleeding did not need to undergo hysteroscopy in the OR. 55 (42.3%) patients underwent both inpatient and office hysteroscopy.

This represented an estimated savings of $1498 per patient (95% confidence interval, $1051–$1923) in procedure charges.

Among the 55 women who underwent OR hysteroscopy, there was 71% agreement between findings on hysteroscopy in the OR.

Reliable In-Office Use with a Reusable, Low-Cost Device

Cost Breakdown of In-office hysteroscopy vs. OR hysteroscopy

*The procedure cost for patients requiring both the in-office procedure and the OR procedure could be up to $6302.

Used in reimbursed procedures


Helps you and your patients avoid the hassles and worry of delayed diagnosis 2,3

Immediate diagnostic information at the time of visit via Endosee® Advance helps reduce your patients’ worry and stress of waiting.2

Endosee® Advance can help reduce:


Extra appointments

OR Cost

OR costs

Wait times

Wait times


Staffing allocation and training

Schedule conflicts

Schedule conflicts

Sterilization costs

Sterilization costs


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