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Average time per procedure: Less than 3 minutes Average time doctors were in the exam room per procedure: Less than 13 minutes "With Endosee, we can turn over the room in 20 minutes" – Physician feedback

  • Feedback from 106 Endosee Trials with 42 Clinicians

"Endosee allowed myself and the patient a direct assessment of the uterine cavity. We were both surprised to see the reoccurrence and extent of intrauterine pathology that I was not able to appreciate on pelvic sonogram."

Steven Lindhelm, MD, MMM
  • Steven Lindhelm, MD, MMM
  • Wright State University
  • Boonshaft School of Medicine

Patients reporting no discomfort or mild discomfort* 91.5%
Procedures in which NSAIDs were used 44.2%
Procedures in which a paracervical block was used 37.5%
Procedures in which a slight dilation was used 45.1%

*Discomfort reported was mostly due to uterine distention.

  • Feedback from 106 Endosee Trials with 42 Clinicians