Endosee® Advance
The All-in-One, Direct Visualization System for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

Endosee® Advance is the “See Now, Know Now” device that incorporates the benefits of direct visualization without the limitations of traditional hysteroscopy. Its ergonomic, handheld design allows for precise control and ease of use so you can advance patient care and your practice.

Endosee® Advance Overview


Endosee® Advance Features

Endosee device

View of Endosee device with numbered parts

Features to help elevate your in-office procedures

  • Your exam is guided by clear color visualization
  • Reusable display module
  • Sterile, single-use cannula designed for ease of insertion
  • Channel for fluid infusion
  • Reusable instruments for working channel
  • Still image or video capture of every exam
  • See the picture you just took
  • Transfer exam data to your computer via USB cable

Endosee® Advance System Includes:

  • Lightweight, reusable display module with bright, 5 inch, touch-screen color LCD
  • Sterile, single-use cannula
  • Docking station
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable

Advance with reusable instruments allows you to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures efficiently and effectively in your office.

FDA 510(k) cleared for both hysteroscopy and cystoscopy

Working channel instruments help you perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures during in-office exams


Biopsy forceps

Spoon forceps, long serrated

Foreign body grasper, fenestrated

Scissors, single action

Disposable alligator grasper forceps, 5 Fr, 460 mm

Disposable biopsy forceps, 5 Fr, 460 mm

Disposable single action scissors, 5 Fr, 460 mm

System & Accessories

ES9000 Endosee® Advance display module (includes handset, docking station, AC adapter, USB cable)
ESPX5 Endosee® Advance cannula. 5 per box
ES-TRAY Endosee® system convenience kit, 5-pack
ES-BPSY Biopsy forceps
ES–LNGR Spoon forceps, long serrated
ES-FBGR Foreign body grasper, fenestrated
ES-SCIS Scissors, single action
ES-DISP-AGR Disposable Alligator Grasper Forceps, 5 Fr, 460 mm (5/pack)
ES-DISP-SCS Disposable Single Action Scissors, 5 Fr, 460 mm (5/pack)
ES-DISP-BPY Disposable Biopsy Forceps, 5 Fr, 460 mm (5/pack)
53604 Cystometry Tube Sets (10 Sets/Box)
ESSYR 50 mL Syringe (sterile 40 per case)
ESTUB Standard Bore Extension Tubing 30 in. (sterile 100 per case)