Clinicians' Experience with Endosee Office Hysteroscopy

Feedback from 106 Endosee Trials with 42 Clinicians

Speed of Procedure:

  • Average time per procedure: Less than 3 minutes
  • Average time doctors were in the exam room per procedure: Less than 13 minutes
  • "With Endosee, we can turn over the room in 20 minutes" - Physician feedback


  • Cases in which visualization was reported "excellent" or "adequate"* 98%
  • Procedures with anatomical challenges in seeing the complete uterine cavity+ 9%

*Remaining 2% of procedures were stopped prematurely due to patient request.

+Severe obstruction due to Asherman's syndrome, multiple polyps or fibroids, or if severely anteflexed uterine position.


Patient Comfort:

  • Patients reporting no discomfort or mild discomfort* 91.5%
  • Procedures in which NSAIDs were used 44.2%
  • Procedures in which a paracervical block was used 37.5%
  • Procedures in which a slight dilation was used 45.1%

*Discomfort reported was mostly due to uterine distention

Clearer Visualization than Pelvic Sonogram

“Endosee allowed myself and the patient a direct assessment of the uterine cavity. We were both surprised to see the reoccurrence and extent of intrauterine pathology that I was not able to appreciate on pelvic sonogram. This patient is scheduled for a second Endosee after discontinuing the oral contraceptives to see if the polyps resolve. If not, she will be scheduled for a second, operative hysteroscopy.”

Steven Lindheim, MD, MMM
  • Steven Lindheim, MD, MMM
  • Wright State University
  • Boonshoft School of Medicine Dayton, OH

Cost-Effective for Practices, Patients and Payers

“First and foremost, it saves patients the cost of visiting an operating room. Plus, there’s no need to take a full day off from work since the procedure is quick and requires no anesthesia. If you bill for the hysteroscopy, you’re getting a bigger reimbursement from the payer than just a plain endometrial biopsy. Plus, our management company has been able to renegotiate higher reimbursements with different insurance payers since they’re saving money on less OR visits. Another benefit is that Endosee employs disposable cannulas: even though we have to buy them, the cost is significantly less than having to sterilize equipment after every use.

Cynthia Baldwin, MD
  • Cynthia Baldwin, MD
  • Halifax OB/GYN Associates
  • Daytona, FL

Success Story: Resolving AUB

“One of my patients had been to her family doctor for irregular bleeding and tried different birth control pills, probably for a good year, with no improvement. When she came to my clinic, she was clearly frustrated. On her second visit, we performed a diagnostic hysteroscopy with Endosee and found two large polyps in her endometrial cavity. We then took her to the OR for operative hysteroscopy treatment of those polyps and her issue resolved immediately. In fact, she no longer needed to be on any birth control pills. My patient was really thankful because her bleeding condition had been going on for so long, and she was extremely happy that I was able to arrive at a diagnosis very quickly thanks to the Endosee procedure that was performed within the confines of my office and with no physical discomfort.

Donald Peghee, Jr., MD
  • Donald Peghee, Jr., MD
  • Legends OB/GYN
  • Kansas City, KS

A More Thorough Evaluation, Faster Diagnosis

“I had a patient with persistent post-menopausal bleeding with a normal endometrial biopsy and transvaginal ultrasound, but I decided to also use Endosee because it is so easy to set up and poses such a low risk. Much to my surprise, I ended up finding one of the largest endometrial polyps I have ever seen. I would never have found this polyp had I not used Endosee since I probably would not have taken her to the OR or even done office hysteroscopy because I thought I wouldn’t find anything. But because Endosee is so quick and easy to use, I found significant pathology, treated the patient and her symptoms are completely resolved.”

Physician testimonials of office hysteroscopy
  • Abigail T. Feathers, MD
  • Specialty Physicians of Garrett County
  • Oakland, MD

“My patient was extremely happy that I was able to arrive at a diagnosis very quickly thanks to the Endosee procedure that was performed within the confines of my office and with no physical discomfort.”

  • Donald Peghee, Jr., MD
  • Legends OB/GYN
  • Kansas City, KS