Office Hysteroscopy Demonstration

Diagnosing AUB is usually a process involving multiple steps. A confident diagnosis may require the patient to visit the physician’s several times for ultrasounds and biopsies, and often a hysteroscopy is performed in an outpatient clinic or hospital under anaesthesia.

In-office hysteroscopic evaluation using the hand-held Endosee device can simplify this workflow to one office visit, resulting in a faster and more reliable diagnosis. See how Dr. Ethan Goldstein has altered his AUB workflow by using Endosee for a better patient experience and a faster, more efficient workflow to diagnosis.

Endosee Setup and Procedure


Setting up Endosee is simple and fast. See a real practice setup and use Endosee for office hysteroscopy.

Patient Workup


Watch Ethan Goldstein, M.D. discuss how using Endosee has improved the AUB patient care workflow at his practice.